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       In the current scenario, in which safety against contamination by air has become a priority, it is extremely important to guarantee the proper functioning of the Air Conditioning System, which in addition to air conditioning must certify safety, as established by the Standard Brazilian 7256. NBR 7256, which governs air treatment in health care establishments, addresses the need to ensure correct air circulation, seeking:

  • Avoid contamination of environments by air;

  • Avoid the proliferation of microorganisms;

  • Ensure the purity of the air.

        The concepts of positive and negative air pressure are used for this. In positive pressure rooms, clean air with controlled pressure is injected, in this case, when opening doors, the air flow will be from the inside out, preventing contaminated air from entering. In the case of negative air pressure, air is removed so that the outside air enters, and does not leave, containing the contaminated air inside the room.

Figure 1 - Pressurized rooms according to NBR 7256.

Sistema Pressao de ar Salas.png

       As indicated by the NBR 7256 standard, the different environments that contain risk levels must have, in each room, an easy-to-read pressure indicator (as well as the pressure and humidity reading devices). For this control, AERIS Tecnologia has in its catalog a Low Pressure Transmitter for the R2 Line, which guarantees, by regulating both positive and negative pressure, that the safety factors established by the NBR 7256 Standard are met with excellence , aiming at the safety and efficiency of the system.

Figure 2 - AERIS pressure transmitter - Line R2.

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